Research and Product Development

New World Laboratories’ (NWL) core area of R&D expertise is in Regenerative Medicine, particular the Personalized Medicine approach to this field. NWL’s current lead technologies, including drugs, stem cells and biomaterials, have been developed over the past 10+ years and are under full IP protection and at the preclinical/pre-IND stage.

Research at NWL is exclusively focused on pioneering real solutions for some of today’s largest medically unmet needs and developing novel & suitable therapeutics to each. Once potential leads have been identified, NWL has strong emphasis on experimental designs that challenge the limits of the technologies by executing a rigorous and comprehensive “proving the negative” challenge before selecting the final lead for development – another success factor of NWL’s innovation process. Although slowing down early R&D and pre-clinical development, conducting such challenges early where the costs are low and the flexibility the greatest significantly increases the chances of clinical success, where a major part of clinical failures is commonly attributed to too little attention to this important step.

Personalized Stem Cells

Lead: Personalized Stem Cells

Pre-IND stage
R&D Pipeline: 2 other stem cell technologies for cardiovascular and metabolic indications

Cell Regeneration Peptides

Lead: Selective Caspase-3 Inhibitors

Pre-clinical stage
R&D Pipeline: Selective inhibitors for other Caspases (multiple indication targets)


Lead: Regeneration Matrix

Pre-IDE stage
R&D Pipeline: 3D Living Scaffolds and Artificial 3D multi-layered scaffolds

New autologous neural stem cells with the potential to realize the treatment promise of stem cell therapy in CNS indications....

A first-in-class approach to stop & reverse cell, tissue and organ degeneration...

A biomaterial for regenerating multiple tissues in accordance with the original organization and layering of the t...